Don't Take Time For Granted, Make Room For What Really Matters

Time is a funny, complicated thing. When we are crazy busy, it feels like there is never enough time. There isn't time to workout or prep a healthy meal. Between work, running errands and/or shuttling the kids around, it can feel like there is barely any time to breathe. But oddly enough, when it comes to the big important things in life, we act like we will never run out of time. Time is infinite. Backpacking through Europe, buying your dream home, mastering the guitar, whatever it is, it feels like there's always enough time to achieve your dreams. Yes, it is true, to a certain extent. Those dreams don't have an expiration date, but some things do. Relationships, for instance, sometimes come to an end. [bctt tweet="Don't Take Time For Granted, Make Room For What Really Matters"] Your life may not be ending any time soon, but the time you have to spend with others may be. By the time you've graduated high school, you've probably already spent most of your time with your parents then you ever will. You go off to college, maybe move to a different city, start a family, build a life. That is what you are supposed to do. Even though you are busy doing all of the things you barely have time to do, you are forgetting about those connections that really matter. Don't Take Time For Granted, Make Room For What Really Matters How often do you see your oldest friends? Life gets in the way and sometimes you're too busy to spare a little time for a coffee date. However, it doesn't hurt to pick up the phone and catch up. It's important you make time for the people that matter most to you. At BodyRock, we encourage you to make time for your workouts. We understand that it can be difficult to squeeze in a little sweat session. However, a 30-minute workout will instantly leave you feeling like you can conquer anything. Looking for a little boost of motivation to get your butt moving? Sign up for The DailyHiit Show by checking the 'workouts' box and train with Jacqui every day Monday to Friday. She'll have your heart pumping in a matter of minutes. Jacqui is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself possible. Don't Take Time For Granted, Make Room For What Really Matters None of us ever know how much time we, or anyone else, has left on this earth so isn't it time we shift our priorities? Make sure you determine what, and who, is a priority in your life. Don't let work or certain circumstances decide for you. Pick up the phone, pay someone a visit. Make your moments matter. When your life does start to wind to a close, it will not be work, errands or countless other tasks filling our days that you will remember. It will be the people. Keep in mind, time isn't limitless. The people you love are indispensable, so treat them that way. Do you make enough time in your life for the people you love? Source: Wait But Why

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