Don't Waste Your Money: Probiotics Are Useless, Gluten Is Healthy And GMOs Are Fine!

It turns out that a few of the things you thought you knew about healthy eating are just plain wrong. That's right, those fad diets you've been jumping all over are not quite the miracle solutions they are made out to be. In recent weeks, the results of several studies have come to light, exposing truths that many people won't want to hear. These studies come as a real blow to those people looking for an easy path to weight loss and better health. “It’s always nice to see studies that are skeptical of magic nutritionism,” said Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an Ottawa-based physician and professor. “But whether or not that actually trickles down into changing the behavior of the public remains to be seen. I think it takes an awful lot, unfortunately, to break the public opinion that there are magic foods.” blog1859 Well, let us tell you, once again, THERE ARE NO MAGIC FOODS! Probiotic supplements took the first hit. In a study published in Genome Medicine, researchers did a systematic review of seven studies that examined the effect of probiotic products (like yogurt and biscuits) on the bacteria found in fecal matter. The study authors determined there to be no convincing evidence "for consistent effects of probiotics on fecal microbiota composition in healthy adults.” In a paper published in The Journal of Pediatrics, Dr. Norelle Rizkalla Reilly, a gastroenterologist and Celiac expert at Columbia University, took a close look at the supposed benefits of going gluten-free. What she found was that, unless you have a wheat allergy, Celiac disease, or a doctor-diagnosed gluten sensitivity, going gluten-free may be damaging your health! Taking a pass on foods containing gluten can rob you of important vitamins and nutrients while potentially exposing you to toxins like arsenic. Arsenic? Yup. Rice is one of the main substitutes used in gluten-free products and it absorbs arsenic from the soil, which, of course, leaves you exposed. Last but not least, a report from the National Academy of Science said that there is no scientific evidence that GMOs increase health risks. This is the exact opposite of what we've been lead to believe. Having only been commercially available since the 1990s, GMOs are a sensitive subject and as time goes by, we will learn more but this report at least, suggests things are not as bleak as we may have thought. unspecified So what does all of this mean for you and your diet? It means it is time to use a little common sense: Do you feel better when you take probiotic supplements? Awesome. You are free to continue to do so but you might want to consider taking a pass on those expensive supplements and including a few more natural probiotic sources in your diet, instead. Grab some miso, tempeh, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt. Have you gone gluten-free because you think you have a "problem" with gluten? Take a visit to the doctor to find out for sure. If you think there is something wrong, get a diagnosis before you embrace a dramatic, potentially unhealthy, dietary shift. Forget the diet fads and just eat fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. If you maintain a healthy, balanced diet that is made up of REAL foods, like those found in The BodyRock Meal Plan, you can be sure that you are getting the right amounts macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You will not only look and feel healthier, you won't have to worry about keeping on top of the latest diet trends! Eating healthy isn't nearly as difficult as these fads would have you believe! What do you think? Have the these resent findings challenged your dietary habits or have they confirmed what you have believed all along?

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