The Dos & (Please) Don'ts of Yoga Class

Yoga is a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that shouldn't leave you stricken with social anxiety. But if you're entering a class, here is the run-down what you should do and what you really shouldn't do when it comes to namasting!   The Dos Of Yoga Class
  • Loud breathing. It's cool - gasp and sigh away! You want to focus on aligning your breathing with your body movements so don't be shy.
  • Closing your eyes. It's all about relaxation and getting into a peaceful state of mind. Your teacher won't be insulted if you have to close your eyes to find your zen.
  • Crying. Sometimes this exercise can cause emotional release, so let it out. Your fellow students will support you.
  • Moderate farting. It happens. You're contorting in weird ways and putting pressure on your stomach at times, so naturally something may slip out.
  • Dozing off. Yoga is so calming, you may find yourself taking an unexpected nap.
The Don'ts of Yoga Class 
  • Bringing your phone. Don't zone out of your introspective time by answering a text or Snapchatting your feet on the mat.
  • Coming in late. Don't disrupt your fellow students by sneaking in, even if you think you're being quiet.
  • Chatting. Catching up with your neighbour can be done after class.
  • Not putting your mat away. If you're borrowing from the studio or gym, it's common curtesy to clean up afterwards.
What do you love about yoga class? What are things you don't like when fellow yogis do? Source: Yoga    

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