Double Standard? Bieber's Nude Instagram Pic Is Compared To Other Celebs

Yesterday, the internet was treated to a picture of Justin Bieber's ass. The majority of comments expressed approval with many of them begging him to 'turn around.' But not everyone took that approach. One user took to Tumblr posting a pic of Demi Lovato (and comments) beside the pic of Bieber and his comments. If you ever doubted there is a double standard, check this out in this break down: justin Praise. Nothing but praise. Demi? Not so much: demi So, while she wears clothes, she is "degrading" herself, being called fat and worse, a slut. Many people have observed the difference in the comments with another Tumblr user using this pic of model Bryana Holly in a side by side with Bieber's: biebs Not everyone is convinced this is a problem. They've accused complainers of picking and choosing which comments they use as an example. They claim there is a bias. And maybe there is. But the language I see being used is entirely different. There may have been people who shot down Bieber for being inappropriate but I'm willing to bet they didn't call him a slut. When men show their bodies and people are offended, they are offended by the nudity plain and simple. But when women do it, they are offended by not only the nudity but by what they perceive to be the character of the women. It is insanity and it really needs to stop. The saddest part, many of the comments praising Bieber and slamming women come from other women. Ladies, can't we all just get along? Do you think there is a double standard or are folks like me just especially prickly?    

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