Doutzen Kroes pregnant with her second child

The Victoria´s Secret model Doutzen Kroes announced via Instagramm her second pregnancy by a nude photo. “This is not a #throwbackthursday this is now!” She commented the photo. “So happy to share with you that we are expecting.” Doesn't she look proud, completely naked, her hand covered her breast and holding her bump protectively with the other In 2010 the model (29) and DJ Sunnery James get wed. The dutch model and her dutch hubby are since 2011 parents of a little son, named Phyllon Joy Gorré.  These summer they will be four. faily In an interview at PopSugar, Doutzen explained her slim body by eating healthy and in moderation. "The mom thing helps, too, because I'm running around after my son." she told. Her husband shares her photo too: “Super happy to announce that we’re expecting new love in our life! My beautiful wife is pregnant.”
Don`t you think that this" mom thing" makes things easier? You don´t live for yourself, but also carries a wonderful responsibility. Which I think is a responsibility makes many things easier, like to eat healthy and keep fit. Do you agree?

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