The Downsides to Extreme Weight Loss No One Tells You

There are countless benefits to shedding excess weight. It's not just about looking better and feeling better, but having a boost of energy and eliminating the risk of heart disease, sleep apnea and some types of cancer. But there are downsides, and although they don't out way the positives, not everyone speaks about them. We're exploring some of the side effects to losing weight that have been kept secret until now.   Loose Skin The skin stretches to accommodate excessive body fat, and it tends to stick around once fat has left. The amount of loose skin can be impacted by your age, how quickly you lost the weight and your pattern of weight that you've gained and lost. While plastic surgery is an option for extreme loose skin cases, building muscle helps skin look tighter and tauter without going under the knife. Sculpting your muscles will improve the appearance of loose skin and tone your physique. Stomach Pain People who have lost extreme amounts of weight have occasionally reported gallstones. These are hard formations in your gallbladder that cause pain and nausea. Cutting down on fat will keep your gallbladder from contracting as frequently, allowing a bile build up that hardens and forms stones. Keep a healthy amount of fat in your diet to prevent this from occurring. It is an essential nutrient and not the bad guy it's been made to be by fad diets. Eat omega-3 rich fish, nuts and avocados for great sources of healthy fat. The Blues Many of us have high hopes for weight loss, but are stricken with the reality that even after we shed the pounds, we still face the same problems in life. Such as loneliness, anxiety and stress. This can cause us to feel depressed. Getting plenty of sleep and keeping up a nutrient rich diet will keep your mood stabilized. If you have feelings of depression or are isolating yourself from family and friends, reach out to a councillor or therapist. Keeping in contact with a professional is incredibly beneficial to your mental health. What are some symptoms you have encountered after dropping a lot of weight? Let us know!

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