Welcome Back. Good things are happening :)

Hi BodyRockers! Wow...writing that gave me a little shiver. It's been too long since the sweat has dripped on this site. If you are curious what we have in store for you guys you can check out our future plans for BodyRock.Tv on our sister site TheDailyHiit.com by clicking here. We have a major revamp and update on the way for BodyRock.Tv and in the meantime you guys now have 2 options for awesome daily free workouts - here and over at TheDailyHiit.com  Thanks for all of your support - now enough talk! Go and do your workout :) See you guys tomorrow! Workout Break Down 1. 50 Switch Lunges 2. 50 Burpees 3 50 Switch Lunges 4. 50 Diamond Pushups with Star    

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