Dragon Fruit: Good For Your Body Inside and Out

Dragon Fruit is one of the lesser known superfoods. This vibrant fruit is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, as well as rich in fibre, phosphorus and calcium. In fact, dragon fruit is popular in Taiwan among diabetics who use it as a substitute for rice. Many people are surprised at the fruit's relatively mild flavour, which contrasts it's bright and lively appearance. While the majority of people choose to eat this delicious food, you can actually use the health benefits of dragon fruit ON your body as well. Dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin B3, which is great for your skin. To whip up a quick batch of dragon fruit facial scrub, simply remove the skin of the fruit, and then mash up the flesh of the fruit in a bowl - seeds included. Add 1 cup of sugar to bowl, and mix. You don't want the sugar to totally dissolve. It has to remain granular enough to be able to slough off dry skin cells. Rub your concoction all over your face in small, circular motions, avoiding your eyes. You can leave it on for 3-5 minutes for extra moisturizing. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your refreshed glow!

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