Drink Tea

You should drink tea. I made the switch from coffee to tea and I feel 100x better.  Why is tea good for you? Not only does it hydrate you but according to multiple research studies, scientists have found that the antioxidants in tea increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, reduce waist size and can even lower your BMI. It has also been found that drinking tea can help reduce the risk of heart attacks, lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, and help combat certain types of cancer.

If you like sweet tea you can add natural sweeteners like stevia, agave or even a bit of honey instead of refined sugar. I enjoy loose leaf teas. My favorite teas are called “red velvet” and "birthday cake." They taste just as delicious as the real cakes.  I get these flavors from a place called DAVIDS TEA. They have shops all over but you can also order online. I love David's tea because they have almost every flavor imaginable and they do seasonal flavors as well. This gives you a lot of options and makes it easier for everyone to find a tea that they like.

Keep in mind David's tea isn't the only specialty tea shop available so hit GOOGLE and look for some in your area.

Happy Tea Time!

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