Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Many of us unknowingly live most of our lives in a chronic state of dehydration. This state is very easily achieved and maintained with the typical North American diet. With all of the dehydrators like coffee, alcohol, sugary treats, pops and salty snacks that we consume it is no wonder why we have so many health problems. The body depends on water to survive! For most people having a glass of water with a meal may be the only time they hydrate, when in fact, this is one of the worst times to do it! Drinking liquids with your meal dilutes the digestive juices in the stomach that are needed to properly break down your food. Instead, drink half hour before or an hour after meals. Also, if you are going to drink water, let it be at room temperature or warm, iced drinks are a disaster for digestion! Water lubricates the entire body and allows the internal systems to function just as they should. Without sufficient hydration, just like a flower, the cells become wilted and withered, everything moving at snails pace. The body isn’t able to deliver nutrients to the tissues nor is it able to wash away toxins and waste products.Are-you-drinking-enough-water Physical symptoms of dehydration include:
  • Dry, frail skin
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Constipation
  • Dark urine
  • Weakness
  • Muscle cramps
Hydration Tips:
  • Buy an aluminum or glass water bottle that suits you and don’t leave the house without it.
  • Don’t be fooled by the Crystal Light or Vitamin Water fads. Adding artificial colours and sweeteners is counterproductive. If you are looking to flavour your water, try good old lemon and lime.
  • Herbal tea is also a great way to stay hydrated, especially in the winter.
  • Eat lots of vegetables like celery and cucumber or water rich fruits like watermelon. All perfect on a hot summers day!
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