Drinking Over Memorial Day Weekend? Try These Skinny Cocktails

As someone who has worked in the nightlife industry for years (and partied throughout college), I have seen the toll that cocktails can take on someone's figure. What may seem like a simple drink may weigh in at over 300 calories. Knock a few of those back and you will be setting yourself back at least a 1000 calories within a few hours. Do not undo all the hard work you have done to with healthy eating and working out! There are lower calorie options to ask your bartender to make for you. Simple substitutions make all the difference. Those abs you have been trying to have poke through will thank you. Try these skinny cocktails in place of your regular drinks over Memorial Day Weekend! Please be safe and drink responsibly.   Vodka, Rum, or Tequila with soda water with lime barchick.com Easy to make, and easy to order. Soda water is calorie free so you will only get hit by the calories in the liquor, which averages to about 100 per shot for vodka and rum and 70 per shot of tequila.   Gin, soda water and tonic with lime Gin and tonic is great until you realize that tonic is full of sugar. Cut back on some of that sugar content by adding more soda water than tonic into your cocktail, then top it off with a lime wedge.   Mimosa cheekychicago.com Instead of waking up and reaching for a Bloody Mary, opt for a Mimosa. Perfect for brunch, Mimosa's are light, bubbly and refreshing. Just add a a 1:1 ratio of champagne to orange juice (or less OJ, if you'd like) and you are good to go.   Skinny Cosmo Martini Cosmos can really take a calorie hit, especially when made with triple sec! Opt for a splash of orange juice instead of the calorie-dense triple sec. Add a squeeze of lime, 2 ounces of cranberry juice and a shot of vodka. For a different spin on it, pour it over rocks in a glass and add soda water.   Skinny Mojito  lindawagner.net Ask your bartender to make you a mojito with half the simple syrup. You'd be surprised at how much sugar is called for in the recipe! If you can stomach Stevia, make your own simple syrup at home using 1:1 ratio and you won't need to cut back on the simple syrup.   Rum and diet coke Try it with your favorite light rum, or with a spiced one for a little more flavor. Squeeze a lime wedge in to pick it up a little bit.   Strawberry Daiquiri with real strawberries Strawberry_daiquiri What's a summertime celebration without a frozen drink? The problem is many of the pre-made mixers are filled with lots and lots of sugar. If you're making it at home, puree some strawberries instead of getting a pre made mix when you make this rum-based favorite.   Vodka with water and as splash of cranberry This one was introduced to me by a guest that I took care of recently. He says he is always under the sun and partying, and skipping the fluff and just adding water to the vodka ensures he is properly hydrated. Makes sense.     Do you have any low-cal favorites or other substitutions? Share in the comments below!  

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