Drop It Like A Squat !

On the haters.... We are going to show up with our workouts and train you for free every day of the week Monday to Friday. We are going to bring our best, put in 110% to take you to a level of fitness, health and happiness that will blow you away. It's on. We need you to show up everyday, push to your max effort for 12 minutes, and just give it a go. We have sorted it all out for you - it's free, short and the most effective HIIT fat burn and tone up that exists. The only standing rule is that this community is a place to express support, love and kindness. This is not a place for judgement, personal attacks, or hurtful comments. If that's your thing there are loads of other sites you can go to. That said we love to hear your ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism. Our trainers arereal people - not celebrities - and they read everything that you guys write. Comments intended to wound often do - for real - and it effects all of us. We love what we do - but the worst part of my job is having to help one of our trainers piece together their self-confidence after a hateful comment makes them sad, or doubt themselves or feel less sure about themselves. It's the oddest thing, but somedays a negative comment just rolls off of your back, and other days - maybe because of other things going on in your life - that same comment feels like a kick in the gut. It has happened to all of us so far, and I'm pretty sure that you guys know how it feels when you get caught off guard by something nasty. In the last months there has been a lot happening behind the scenes - funerals, the loss of family and friends, family medical emergencies - all of the things that happen in real life that we all have to deal with. Your kindness, warmth and support has helped us through all of this - even if it's just a simple thanks or "like" on Facebook - it makes the team feel supported and brings us all closer together. We are not prepared to let the haters out there set the agenda here - this is a community built on the love of fitness and mutual human respect, caring and dignity so Rock On with us and let's Hiit it! Freddy P.s. We have included variations for beginners below because we are not leaving anyone behind :). This is going to be a regular feature moving forward if you guys like it ? Main Workout: Workout Breakdown: Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times. or For those Hardcore BodyRockers out there ... Complete this as a couplet workout. Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest & complete each couplet 3 times through. 1. One Pushup Walk Over 2. Mountain Climbers 3. Plank Row, Spider Leg, Twist Side Plank Dip using the Power Blocks 4. Push Up Clean Press Row using the Sandbag 5. Tricep Pushup Tuck Jumps 6. Lunge and Press using the Sandbag .

Beginner Variations:


Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. 1. Sandbag Press with Leg Lift using the Sandbag 2. Bycicle Abs 3. Knee To Elbow Plank Abs 4. Commando Abs Planks Inner & Outer Thigh Bonus Video: Workout Breakdown: Leg, Ass & Inner & Outer Thigh: Complete 25 Reps of the following 3 exercise Routines: A) Squeezes: 1a) 25 Squeezes – Legs Hip Distance apart 2a) 25 Squeezes – Knees Together 3a) 25 Squeezes – In & Out 4a) 25 Squeezes – Hold the Squeeze & In & Out with the Knees B) Ass Inner & Leg Workout: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate) 1b) 25 L leg Lift & Lower 2b) 25 Straight Leg Lift 3b) 25 Straight Leg Cross Over 4b) 25 Bent leg press to the ceiling C) Inner & Outer Thigh: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate) 1c) 25 Straight Leg Outer Thigh 2c) 25 Forward Bent L Press 3c) 25 Straight Leg Heal Toe Static Leg hold & Press Toe forward and back 4c) 25 Small Straight Leg Presses up and down Workout Breakdown: Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times. 1. Crunches 2. Bicycle 3. Hip Thrust 4. Leg Climb 5. V-Rock using the Sandbag 6. Mountain Climbers . Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here Haley’s Facebook page: here

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