Drunk in Sweat (real time workout)

Have you ever gotten ready to do one of my workouts (or any workout for that matter) and started off slow because you don't want to get too tired too fast?  If that is your mindset during your workout, you are cheating yourself.  I get asked all the time "What more can I do besides your HIIT workouts to get in shape because I feel like I need more?"  I always ask them these two questions, "Are you pushing yourself as HARD as you can the entire workout?" and "Are you using the heaviest weights you possibly can?"  They always answer NO!  These two things make a huge difference when doing any workout, not just my HIIT workouts.  If you aren't pushing yourself AS HARD AS YOU CAN as soon as you hear that first beep or you are not using the heaviest weight that you can, you WILL NOT get to your next level of fitness. Those things will keep you from changing your body any further.  Your mind is very powerful. I recently posted a quote on my Bodyrock Facebook page that said, "Your body hears what your mind says."  I think of that each and every time I workout.  If I am going to spend the effort to get dressed and do a workout, I am going to give it all I've got.  You have it in you.  Don't listen to that voice that tells you to stop.  Don't think at all.  For those 15-30 minutes (or however long your workout is) you are a machine. In addition to pushing yourself with intensity, you need to add more weight to your sandbag, T-Bar, Sandbell, or whatever weights you are using during your workout.  When I was a beginner, I didn't use any weights at all.  I got my first sandbag about six months into starting HIIT workouts and put about 15 pounds of sand in it.  I gradually added weight and now have a slightly larger sandbag than my original and it weighs 40 pounds.  I use it to do almost every exercise that requires weight. Now on to the workout (where you are going to kick some serious ass!). First off, I laughed SO HARD when I watched the footage...My dog Sofy relieves herself right behind me as I am trying to have a serious talk with you! HAHA!! I had no idea! Anyway, I teach a fitness class where I train Krav Maga and this is one of the workouts I did one night. I put each workout together with you in mind.  I want to give you the most challenging workout I can possibly put together.  No matter what your fitness level is, you CAN do this workout...I show modifications for each exercise. Here's the workout breakdown: You will need your interval timer, a mat, sandbag, Ugi Ball and a box you can jump on (I'm using a plyo box) Part 1: Set your timers for 15 Rounds 10/50 (Please add more rounds to make more challenging!) 1. Ninja Box Jumps 2. Belly Drop, Knee Tuck 3. Jump Forward, Back, Up 4. 10 High Knees, Drop Down, Power Up 5. Ugi Plank Kicks Part 2 Set your timers for 12 Rounds 10/50 (Please add more rounds to make it more challenging. 1. Sandbag Squats 2. 2x twisted Push Ups, 2x Plank Jumps 3. Elbow Tuck Burpees 4. Crab Jumps At the very end of the workout, I explain the bonus round I made everyone do in class that night.  I was unable to show you as my space is limited and the bonus involves sprints. ENJOY!! REMEMBER to push as hard as you can to get the most out of these quick workouts.  DO NOT PACE YOURSELF!

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