Dude Looks Like A Lady

Internet celebrity FouseyTUBE takes a comedic look at daily objectification of women. The comedian donned some skin tight leggings and bent over hiding his face in his car. When he reveals that he’s a man and confronts the guys caught checking him out the reactions ranged from uncomfortable awkward avoidance to pure enragement. He was a bit forward, an ass in leggings is far more easy to stare at than a girl bundled up, I am aware of this, not saying it’s right, just saying that it’s a fact of life. AND I’m not sure who would need to booty bounce around on their car’s bumper in order to look through their trunk. dudelookslikealady6   BUT obviously this was done for comedic effect, and the results are still pretty telling, they’re funny if not anything else.  It would have been even better if they had taken it a step further and asked the men why it would have been ok for them to be staring at his ass if he had been a girl. Although that takes it a bit more into social experiment level than prank video, and I don’t think that’s quite what FouseyTUBE had in mind. dudelookslikealady5

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