Duke's Success Story!

My friend Lindsey recently became involved with a southern California dog rescue organization called, Baja Dog Rescue.   When I heard what they were doing, I had to share their story! This American ran 501c (3) non-profit organization is doing everything in their power to help dogs in the Baja area.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I had NO IDEA what the animal situation was like down there!  Really, here our pets are FAMILY, right?! Our spoiled little fur babies! In other countries, like Mexico though, it’s just not the case.  It is heart breaking but I have to tell you more (happy ending, promise) ! Baja Dog Rescue is a 100% NO KILL sanctuary where they are literally giving abandoned and sick dogs a second chance at LIFE!  There are over 180 – 200 dogs at the sanctuary at any given time.  Baja Dog Rescue gives these pups the medical attention and love they need and then bring them to local San Diego adoption events where after going through the screening process, they are adopted to loving families and homes. Let me walk you through this.  Animals like Duke here (warning graphic photo) are found like this on the streets of Mexico or even left tied to the fence outside the sanctuary. Some dogs and PUPPIES have even been left sick and in boxes outside the fences.  They have to periodically walk the grounds to check to see if people have left an dog there. They come in, in this condition and WORSE!! Worse than this you ask?!  I know!!!  Duke was brought to the facility in February 2013.  He has been ready for adoption since April 2013, he’s very patient.  My friend Lindsey started volunteering with Baja Dog Rescue and agreed to foster Duke while he continued waiting for his forever family. After 5 short weeks of fostering, Duke found his new family: Duke-2 Baja Dog Rescue has HUNDREDS of wonderful success stories like this.  Dogs are left, ill, abandoned, injured and worse and Baja Dog Rescue takes in as many as they can! Even when they’re full (which is ALL THE TIME) they still can’t turn away a dog in need. Next time you’re thinking about where to get your next dog (family member / new BFF), think about looking for a rescue shelter in your area! www.bajadogrescue.org – check out the OUR DOGS page for dogs ready for adoption now!  

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