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Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and these smartphones... well, they’re pretty smart. They know where you’re at thanks to GPS antennas, and they can also tell if you’re moving around or not thanks to accelerometers (if the phone is on your body). Put these two together along with some ingenious app developers and you can literally earn for your burn.

Here are three apps that reward you for working out


The Basics: Promise to complete a set number of workouts each week and put some money on the line. You get credit for each completed workout, and get charged for each workout not completed. The money collected for missed workouts goes into a pot that is shared by everyone that completed their pact. How to Track: Using the app’s GPS, you check-in at a gym and workout for 30 minutes before checking-out OR use the Runkeeper app to track a 30 minute run or walk. IOS users can also use the GymPact Anywhere app to track physical activity using the iPhone’s accelerometer. What You Earn: Cold hard cash. You can withdraw your earnings once you've earned $10 or more.


The Basics: Uses various fitness apps and gadgets to track activity, or GPS check-ins. How to Track: FourSquare, fitbit, Omron, BodyMedia, Nike +, Garmin, RunKeeper, EveryTrail, mapmyfitness, and endomondo What You Earn: Discounts and coupons to retailers, and contest/giveaway entries.

Bank of Fitness

The Basics: Uses RunKeeper to track activity and earn points for how many workouts you complete. Points for each workout increase the more you workout each week and month. How to Track: Use the RunKeeper app to track running or walking activities. What You Earn: Discounts and coupons to retailers. GymPact is by far my favorite app because I can earn cash versus coupons.... and who doesn't like cold hard cash?

Know of other ways to earn for your burn? Share them below!

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