Easy Booty Workout Tweaks To Sculpt The Best Butt!

Ready to kick your own butt? These super simple tweaks to your strength training routine will activate your glutes and carve out a beautiful backside! No more neglecting your rear-end. Get a backside to rival J. Lo and Beyonce! https://www.instagram.com/p/BJonqWHhbpU/?taken-by=bodyrockofficial   Bret Contreras, certified strength and conditioning specialist, recommends these tweaks to optimize your booty workouts. You'll be feeling the burn in no time! #1 Squeeze Remember to consciously squeeze those glutes to increase your muscle activation by over 12%. Squeeze when you're lifting and leg lengthening for the best results! #2 Get Low Deep squats are the secret to a better booty. Get your hips down below your knees to perfect a deep squat. Some people think deep squats are bad for you, but they actually are highly beneficial! This style of squat burns more calories, more fat and can have a positive effect on you metabolic rate if you're looking for more reasons to drop it low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvayTjck1HA #3 Lean In "If you tilt your torso forward to a 30-to-45-degree angle during a lunge, you'll feel a hotter burn in your glutes." says Contreras. This angle will put more stress on your rear and in turn, help sculpt and define it. #4 Get A Leg Up Single-limb versions (like one-leg squats) are super effective at activating your gluteus medius and gluteus maximus by an extra 33%. This is compared to double-leg exercises which are less impactful for your buns of steel. Give these super simple tweaks a try and let us know your thoughts! For workouts that will help you build that perfect booty, check out SweatFlix℠! With over 115 hours of real time, on demand workouts, SweatFlix℠ gives you access to everything you could ever need, all in one place! And with new content being added all the time, you always find something that will challenge and motivate you! Start your free trial today! Source: Women's Health    

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