Easy Diet Challenge: Don't Eat Crap for 21 Days

I belong to a few groups on Facebook.  My favorite is a group of moms encouraging each other to make better diet & fitness choices.  One of the moms posted a diet challenge, & I uncharacteristically signed up.  Typically, I think diet challenges are a waste of time.  Giving up a wide array of foods is hard, & isn't usually something that can be maintained.  If a set of habits can't last a month, there's no way they can become part of a lifestyle.  This challenge is different because instead of eliminating entire food groups (i.e. dairy, grains), only bad-for-you processed foods are off limits.   Most of what is on the no-eat-list isn't real food, & I already avoid most of it (I do have weaknesses, like everyone else, & they are on the avoid list.) Here is the challenge, in case you would like to participate: Do not eat these foods for 21 days:
  • chips
  • soda (regular or diet)
  • chocolate  
  • candy
  • white bread
  • cookies or biscuits
  • fast food
  • cakes, pastries, muffins
  • cookies, ice cream
Most of you probably already avoid most of that list, right?  If so, than this challenge isn't going to be that difficult.  If you do eat some or all of those items, join me in the challenge!  If 21 days sounds like too long, commit to a week & see how you feel.  If you splurge during the 21 days, just do your best afterward to stay on track. 21 days is nothing! I'm starting the challenge September 1st (that's right Americans, Labor Day Weekend).  I hope that some of you join me!  Check out my event page on Facebook if you'd like to join & discuss pitfalls, progress, or whatever. You can totally do this!! Jessica

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