An Easy Way to Destress

Have you been forgetting things lately? Feeling back pain? Had more food cravings and less sex drive? You're probably stressed. By the end of August, many of us have used up our vacation days, and plugging through until winter holidays can feel daunting. Apart from psychological effects such as anxiety, depression and lack of sleep, stress can also cause a variety of physical ailments like weight gain, headaches and hair loss. The original 17 Reasons To Avoid Stress infographic can be found at Fawne Hansen's Adrenal Fatigue site. Making a change doesn't have to be complicated. According to Feng Shui, soothing your anxiety and calming your stress can be as simple as choosing a new colour scheme for your place. image   Different colours will suit different people depending on the nature of your stress. If you have trouble winding down before bed for example, you may want to consider painting your bedroom blue or pink which calm and soften the energy instead of purple or yellow which can be energizing and stimulating. Different colours can relieve stress in slightly different ways, so you have to find the right one for you. According to Feng Shui, the colours in your home reflect the colours found in nature. You can often find what you need in your home by reflecting on what you seek in nature. If you picture yourself in a stress-free environment, are you wandering through a garden or forest, or are you laying by the sea? If you're by the water, is it a deep blue or a Caribbean aqua? Find a peaceful scene in nature and reflect that in your living space. If you're prone to stress, you should avoid using colours that aren't found in nature. Where pink is reminiscent of a glowing sunset, purple is rarely found in nature and should therefore not be the dominant colour in a room where you're meant to relax. image         Here are the best colours for relieving stress in your living space: Blue Blue is reminiscent of calm, tranquil water. It is said to relax and soothe your senses and is therefore a great bedroom or living room choice. Green Green symbolizes nature and is a symbol of growth and health. Use multiple shades to reflect natural patterns. Grey Grey can be relaxing when done right. A warm shade can clear your head and increase your concentration, much like an overcast day. Choose a shade too cool though and you risk an anxious atmosphere. Yellow A soft shade will make a room feel warm and happy. But too bright and the room becomes intimidating and overwhelming. Red Red simulates passion and courage. Use this colour if you procrastinate or struggle to focus on your work. White This non-colour indicates freshness and beginnings. It can be used as an accent or dominant shade to cut the intensity of other stronger colours like red and purple. Pink Often seen in baby's rooms, pink is a very soothing colour that helps you relax and sleep easy.  

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