Eat This Delicious Tropical Plant to Lift Your Breasts

As women, we take pride in our bosoms. We strap them in, push them up, let them out, and love them for their ability to serve as an incredible source of nutrients for our beloved children. But gravity likes our breasts too! And with age and lifestyle, we watch the process of the inevitable sag unfold. There's breast augmentation, there's chunky sweaters to cover them up, and there's too tight bras to keep them still. Though it's always good to come across an all-natural technique to keeping your breasts in check and your confidence high. Pineapples, that pretty tropical plant trending in fashion right now, is more than just a tasty treat with its 15-minutes of fame on board shorts and bikini tops. Rich in antioxidants and known to consist of anti-cancerous properties, pineapples are undoubtedly a delicious, healthy item to ingest. But did you know they can also help keep gravity from taking hold of your breasts? According to doctors, this plant contains substances that work to restore skin fiber elasticity. If you just ran to the store to stock up on pineapples, I won't blame you. But if you're now staring at the tricky looking plant not knowing where to begin, here's an answer for you: cut it up and make a delicious pineapple smoothie!   Ingredients: 1 cup finely chopped pineapple ¼ cup pineapple juice ½ cup yogurt ¼ cup water 3-4 ice cubes Directions: Blend up all of the ingredients and drink up. This is a great breakfast item, or any anytime sweet treat. What other ways do you like to eat your pineapple? If you need some ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Source: DIY Projects  


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