Eat the Food You Hate to Love

I hate dieting. HATE. It's not the fast food or junk food or soda that I miss - I rarely eat that stuff anyway. It's the everyday luxuries. I like cream in my coffee and brie on my sandwich. I want mayo in my tuna salad and sour cream on my tacos. I want a midnight bowl of spaghetti bolognese. I want to have my cake and eat it too. But what if you could eat all your favourite foods and cut the calories and fat in half just by substituting a single ingredient? has a list of 0ver 80 substitutions that will change the way you eat. Here are some essentials: Sub Avocado for Mayo and Butter Avocado is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats. Subbing avocado for mayo in tuna salad maintains the texture, adds more flavour and cuts the calories in half. A two tablespoon serving of mayo packs 206 calories and 24g of fat, while a half avocado has only 114 calories and 10g of fat. Avocado mash can also be substituted for butter in baking recipes at a 1:1 ratio. The creaminess compliments chocolate desserts like brownies very well. Sub Spaghetti Squash for Spaghetti This one I used to do in uni and it works really well. Bake the squash in the oven and then, simply carve out the inside with a spoon. The squash will naturally form a pile of spaghetti-like strands similar in size and texture to cooked spaghetti. Add some Bolognese sauce and you'll hardly notice the difference in taste even though you've just replaced a heavy bowl of white, starchy carbs with fresh veg. Sub Unsweetened Applesauce for Sugar This is key for muffins, pancakes, cookies, and anything you bake with sugar. This can also be substituted at a 1:1 ratio, however, you may need to reduce other liquids in the recipe to make up for the added moisture. If sweets are your thing, this trick is a god-send; one cup of applesauce yields 100 calories where the same amount of refined sugar packs 770! Got a calorie-cutting-cooking trick of your own? Leave us your tips in the comment box.    

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