If You Eat With More People, You Consume More Calories

My mom has The Ultimate Diet Log, which she loves reading interesting statistics and stories from, here’s one that caught my interest: If you eat with one other person you’ll eat 35% more than eating alone. At a table for 4: 75% more Group of seven or more (like Thanksgiving dinner): you’ll consume 96% more calories than you would if you were eating alone. more peoplethanksgiving I decided to look more into this whole “more people more calories” thing, and actually found that this statistic comes from psychologist John de Castro, and was reported on by NBC news. The more detailed version of this statistic is that eating is kind of like shopping, the longer you stay at the mall the more you buy – the longer you stay at the table, the more you eat, and when eating with friends you are much more likely to eat for longer. Your friends influence your eating habits, as much as your eating habits influence your friend choices, as overweight people are found to have more overweight friends, another finding from this study. Obviously you shouldn’t become a recluse just to lose weight, but if you do eat out with friends be sure to stay aware of how much you’re eating, and eat slowly. Eating with other healthy-minded friends will also help curb how much you eat when dining out.    

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