Eat Your Way to a Flat Tummy (Part 1)

There’s more to eating than the food you put in your mouth. The digestive process is truly holistic and quite delicate at that. Simply put, if we are not properly digesting what we put in our body, whether it be food or even supplements, then what is the point in eating to begin with? You may only be absorbing a small percentage of what you actually consume. Seems wasteful doesn’t it? You might be surprised about the elements that have a practical impact on the way your body utilizes foods. Don’t drink with your meal This is a tough one, but try your best… Consuming liquids with food dilutes the digestive juices that are needed to break it down. Drink your liquids a half hour before or after meals. Also, if you are going to drink water, let it be at room temperature, for the least negative impact on digestion. Leave the tension at the door According to a Roman proverb, the secret to healing is ‘Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Happy.’ If you eat when you are nervous or tense, your stress hormones cause the body to produce too many digestive juices, which can lead to heartburn. Meal time is not the time to discuss personal or business matters. Stop talking In addition to the obvious connection between talking and stress, there is a very practical reason why meals should be quiet. When we are talking and eating, we tend to swallow large amounts of air, and that causes unfavourable bloating and gas.  Food must be well chewed in order to be properly digested. This is a two part article so stay tuned!

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