Eat Your Way to a Flat Tummy (Part 2)

Click Here to See Part 1 of this article to get the full scoop on how to optimize digestion for weight loss. Chew your food The more you chew the food, the more effective the digestion process will be. It is important to masticate, using your teeth, lips, and mouth to thoroughly chew and breakdown your food because the secretion of gastric juices is initiated by the sense of taste, chewing thoroughly and keeping the food in your mouth long enough to fully extract the flavour helps to prepare the stomach for proper digestion. This is also why foods should be eaten in their natural state. Living foods contain enzymes that are destroyed by processing and cooking. Slow down… it is not a race! Use your utensils to eat your food and try to make a meal last at least 20 minutes. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the stretch receptors to register a “full” signal in the brain. By slowing things down, you will become fuller and be less inclined to overeat and overwhelm the digestive processes. Practice mindful eating Try to be aware of the taste, texture and smell of every bite you take. To get the hang of this, try it alone and just close your eyes. Think of it like a meditation! Schedule it Enjoy your meals! This is one thing that shouldn’t be rushed. Set your table and sit down. Too many busy families are gulping down large portions of food due to a busy schedule. Supplement If you often suffer from bloating after eating, try taking some digestive enzymes in the middle of your meal. Probiotics are your friends! They are hard at work in the digestive tract fighting off all of the bad bacteria, restoring balance. Be sure to supplement once a day to make digestion that much easier for our bodies.

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