EAT Your Way To A Toned Stomach With These 5 Foods!

You know the saying, "abs are made in the kitchen"? It has a lot of truth to it. Exercising aside, sometimes it's what you eat that plays the biggest role in shedding belly fat and revealing a hot, slim stomach. Ready to get ripped? Give these 5 belly-blasting foods a try! #1 Oatmeal Oatmeal is truly the breakfast of champions! Fiber-rich oats provide support to your digestive system to keep things running along smoothly and prevents your tummy from the dreaded look and feel of bloating. Plus, oatmeal boosts your metabolism for extreme fat burning while regulating your blood sugar levels to ward off cravings. And don't forget that it keeps you full and satisfied all day long. #2 Blueberries This adorable little antioxidant-powered fruit is hailed as Weight Loss Superfoods. It has been proven that people who eat a diet rich in blueberries have lower levels of belly bulge, along with being generally healthier. You can blend them into your favourite smoothie or sprinkle them on top of yogurt and oatmeal. #3 Almonds Teaming with healthy fats, almonds are the ultimate ingredient for getting a better belly! The protein content in almonds gives you energy and builds muscle, while the fiber content plays it's part in keeping you full and toned. Almonds can be eaten in many ways, but munching on them as a quick snack is the simplest. #4 Salmon Salmon is a highly fatty fish, in a good way! Salmon joins the ranks of lean proteins like turkey and tofu which provide tons of energy and help to burn up excess calories. This Super Fish has a load of omega-3 fats which keep your hormones in check, helping to maintain your weight. Omega-3s also stop inflammation so you're less prone to disease. #5 Lettuce Lettuce often gets overshadowed by kale, spinach and other leafy greens. But lettuce has it's own amazing repertoire of nutrition for helping reduce belly fat, like a high fiber content and essential minerals. This overlooked leafy green is very low in calories so you can make yourself a big salad for lunch with no shame. Got any fun recipes for these superfoods? Share them with us! Source: Pop Sugar    

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