Eating Breakfast Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

For anyone who's sick and tired of hearing how you SHOULD do this and that for health, here's a funny look at the flipside of things...
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OFFICE worker Tom Logan’s life is still s**t despite him eating a nutritious breakfast every day.
Logan claims his commitment to eating a breakfast packed with fresh fruit and nourishing whole grains has done nothing to improve his miserable existence.

Breakfast Series - Oatmeal with raisins

He said: “People always stress the importance of a healthy breakfast as if eating a few bits of fruit is some magical elixir of happiness. “But I still work in commission-only telesales, spend every night sitting on my own in the pub reading spy books, and haven’t kissed a woman on the lips since 2007. “I’ve got the same tedious routine, except I’m living it with a few more vitamins in my bloodstream. Certainly I’m no-one’s definition of a ‘winner’. “Apparently all those hours I spent poaching eggs and forcing down bitter, slimy grapefruit were a complete f***ing waste of time. “ I may as well have had a Mars bar and a cigarette, washed down with a can of lager.” (or some other equally unhealthy breakfast...) 9d64a268287e96414c347f2ab6b45158 Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Breakfast’s ability to positively influence everything is wildly overrated. It’s just several handfuls of food you’d never consider eating at a more civilized time of day. “The habit of eating porridge only came into existence because a tired woman mistook some oats for a cup of tea and poured milk onto them. “The results were disgusting but she just shrugged and poured them down her throat because who gives a s**t when you’re late for work.”

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