Eating Healthy On Just Dollars a Day: 4 Tips to Getting More For Less

In an age when a box of processed macaroni costs half the price of one single avocado, healthy eating can be discouraging if you're on a budget. But don't shy away from eating clean and nutritious just yet. We've compiled 4 tips to stay healthy and keep your wallet happy. #1 Befriend your freezer It's more convenient to prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them then be faced with the daunting task of making dinner after a long day at work. This will keep you from being prompted to by frozen dinners or order in. #2 Try new protein sources Meat can be expensive, so experiment in the kitchen with other sources of protein. Try adding chickpeas, beans, nuts, eggs and tofu into dishes for a hit of protein without the meat. These sources, especially beans, are highly cost effective and add variety to meals. #3 Skip pre-packaged produce A pre-sliced fruit platter may seem like a convenient buy, but its cost compared to regular fruit is staggering. The same goes for pre-washed and bagged spinach and lettuce. It's a little more effort but it will save you big! #4 Water all the way Water is better for you then soft drinks and cartons of fruit juice. Even those seemingly healthy grocery store pressed juices and smoothies are loaded with sugar. So save some cash and stick with good old H2O. What are some ways you like to save at the grocery store? We want to hear your tips!

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