Why Eating Less and Exercising More Will Not Give You Longterm Results

It's an easy concept. Simply eat less, and workout more. Weight will be lost, and you will happy. But it doesn't actually work. At least not in the long run.

The healthiest, safest and more effective way to actually lose weight is not reducing the food you eat. It comes down to reducing processed foods and refined sugars. Everything from frozen pizza to crackers is heavily processed and contains added, unwanted sugars and chemicals. These sugars spike our body's insulin levels even though we're not eating anything "sweet". A processed granola bar which touts being "low in calories" has the ability to spike up our insulin and make us crave simple carbs, but it can not provide us energy the way real, healthy foods do.

Low cal diets which don't focus on quality of food and only focus on quantity and added exercise do not have a good track record for long term results. People usually creep right back up their starting weight after a while. Calories are required to be burned while working out. If you're depleting your body of calories, you're depleting your health.

So, the best way to lose weight is to eat well and exercise more. Get enough nutrients in your diet and avoid simple carbs and packaged foods.

What are your secrets to sticking to a nutrient-rich diet? Share them with us!

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