Why Eating Out Now is Just So Overrated...

There is no real true evidence to support what I am about to blog about but this excerpt is merely to express my continuous utter disappointment with restaurant food. Just two years ago, I was never home for dinner and dreaded eating home cooked meals.  However, after witnessing the severe declination of quality with restaurant food and customer service, I don’t think anything is better than self-made meals with great company.   After discovering my joy of cooking, I realized that eating out isn’t as enjoyable as it was before but nonetheless; there are times that a restaurant setting would be most appropriate.  In the past few weeks, I’ve eaten out quite a bit with the holidays and all and family visiting from Canada and I would honestly say 9/10 times, we walked out of the restaurant dissatisfied and shocked at how terrible the service was. So here is a summary of my reflection on why I think eating out has become superbly overrated… 1)    It’s Expensive! o-PAYING-THE-BILL-570 I’ve been to the finest restaurants here in Hong Kong and you would think that for the price you are paying, you should be served the finest quality foods that taste delicious.  On the contrary, not only is it expensive, the food is subpar, the portions are tiny, and some restaurants will not be flexible in changing some of their dishes to meet your dietary needs.  I don’t know… maybe it could be that the rent is getting too expensive here in Hong Kong that restaurants now must compensate the taste of their food and portions to keep the business alive. 2)    Quality of Ingredients/Produce HE_Fresh-Vegetables_s4x3_lead You could easily be paying $100 for a full course dinner for two but can you imagine how much you can buy at a grocery store with $100?  Not only that, you get to choose the ingredients and produce yourself and given the recent scares of GMO products, you can use this money to purchase more organic and sustainable foods.  Do you really think the restaurants these days are using organic vegetables or wild fish unless stated otherwise?  And if so, the price will definitely reflect the “premium” quality of your chosen dish and again, you still aren’t sure if it’s really organic or grass-fed. 3)    The Mysterious Kitchen 628x471 Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes?  Have you seen Kitchen Nightmares??  Some restaurants have been exposed to store their food improperly that there is a huge risk for contamination issues.  The cleanliness of the chefs and the kitchen equipment is also unknown and the thought of having tainted food is very scary… 4)    Terrible Customer Service Exchange Maxwells Restaurant Sometimes the food may taste great but once you have a terrible waiter serving you, your restaurant experience could be completely ruined.  I have been noticing more and more that the service quality has been really subpar and for really high-end restaurants, it just doesn’t make sense! 5)    Comfort of Your Own Home Cooking_At_Home If you are the chef, you are in control of your own food and what you put in the dishes.  Especially if you are trying to shed some pounds, it is important that you know how your dishes are being prepared.  Chefs love to add a lot of high-caloric condiments to spice up the dish and often times, this won’t be very beneficial to your waistline.  Therefore, when you eat at home, you know what is in your food, you aren’t rushed out of your seats if someone else is waiting, and when you eat with your loved ones, the experience is much more relaxed and enjoyable!

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