Eerily Identical Twins Share a Boyfriend and Spent $200k to Look MORE Alike!

Australia's famous identical twins, Anna and Lucy, are spending thousands to look more alike than ever before! anna and lucy The 28 year old twins share a boyfriend, Ben, who lives with them and their mother. Ben is a mechanic and health and fitness enthusiast who admittedly was a little nervous to enter into a relationship with two women. plastic surgery twins identical "Whatever I do for one I have to do for the other, so it's a fine balance. My mates reckon it's a cool problem to have." Ben explains. wacky-twins-bed-2 "We're very active girls and he needs twice the energy," Lucy remarked of their love life. “We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.” Anna adds. Hailed as "the world's most identical twins", Anna and Lucy have reportedly spent a near $200,000 on breast implants, false eyebrows and lip injections to cosmetically amplify their likeness. article-2576278-1C2099C600000578-28_634x506   "We've always been identical from an early age, we just wanted to get the same procedures because we want to do everything together and we want to look exactly the same." says Anna.  Anna-Lucy-Decinque-2 The girls wear the same outfits, do their hair and makeup the exact same and say they can feel each other's pain when separated.  wacky-twins-bathroom Currently, the girls hold jobs at a local nursing home, where they employ their giving side. "We love what we do it's our passion to help the elderly, it's what we love." says Anna of their work. anna and lucy identical twins What are your opinions on these identical twin sisters? What do you think of sharing a boyfriend? Or getting plastic surgery? Voice your thoughts!  

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