Eight Best Booty Training Exercises

Let's all take a moment and be grateful for our backsides! Whether  you're happy with what you've got going on back there or want to add more definition, the muscles in your shoulders, back, glutes and hamstrings are incredibly important.

They do so much to support our every day movements and deserve more attention than we probably give them. So often we get caught up in our "mirror muscles," or the muscles  we can see, and forget about what is happening in the back.

But, properly training the muscles on your flip side can make your body stronger, more powerful, and definitely more defined.

When you only train one half of your body, you create an imbalance that can impact you in serious ways. First, your posture will be all out of whack. If your shoulders are weak, you'll round forward. If your glutes are weak, your abdominal muscles and lower back will over compensate, leading to a pelvic tilt.

Second, you put yourself at an increased risk for injury. Generally speaking, women's hamstrings are much weaker than their quads. This can lead to tears in the ligaments of the knee. Building up your hamstrings and glutes will go a long way to preventing these knee injuries as well as injuries in the lower back and ankle.

Of course, training your backside can also help you achieve head-turning levels of svelteness by creating longer abs and making you appear taller!

The following routine will help you tighten and tone all the muscles in your back from your traps to your hamstrings and inner thighs. These moves seek to help you balance strength across your entire body -- front to back and side to side.

You may feel a little shaky at first but before long, you'll notice  a  change in both your performance levels and your confidence!

Isn't it time you showed your rear a little love?

What You'll Need:

A set of medium weights. If you are at the beginner level, 5 pound weights should do the trick (get your set here). If you are a little more advanced, try 10 pound weights (get your set here).

To get the most from this workout (and all your other workouts!), be sure to wear your BodyRock Weighted Vest. It will add extra resistance to all of your movements, increasing your burn, without you having to change a single thing!

Watch The Workout:

Do YOU Want A Better Booty?

Here are some words we would use to describe the booty of our dreams: round, high, firm...what are your words?

Here's a little secret that women with dream-booties will tell you if you ask: you cannot get an ass like that without squats. And how do you maximize the benefits of squats? You guessed it: The Weighted Vest and Bar & Weights, people!

Strap on the Vest and throw that bar with the max weight you can handle on your shoulders. Your butt will be irresistible in no time!

The Workout Breakdown:

Work through these moves, in order, for the stated number of reps. Rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute between moves. Repeat the circuit 3 times in total. Do the circuit 2 or 3 days a week, on alternate days.

Smash this circuit and tell us what you think! Remember, this stuff is way too good to keep to yourself -- be sure to share it with all of your friends!


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