Electronic Wave, Workout Playlist

Whenever you’re pushing yourself to new goals, sometimes you need that extra drive to keep you focused. Music has the ability to keep us in the zone while reaching new levels, keeping your pace strong and confident. This mix focuses on electronic music that grooves at a slower tempo than most. They offer a more effects-influenced vibe, that washes over your senses and keeps you on point. Shut out the world for a bit, and focus on your training with this chill-out electronic playlist.

Electronic Wave, Workout Mix from JackEwing on 8tracks Radio.

So Many Details - Toro Y Moi Stay With Us - Seoul Go With It Ft MDNR - Tokimonsta Swallowing Smoke - Lapalux Hours - Tycho How I Feel - Lane 8 Made To Stray - Mount Kimbe Miasma Sky - Baths Sapphire - Bonobo

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