Eliminating Guilt From Your Diet

Guilt  (gĭlt) n. 1. a. The fact of being responsible for the commission of an offense. See Synonyms at blame. b. Law The fact of having been found to have violated a criminal law; legal culpability. c. Responsibility for a mistake or error. 2. a. Remorseful awareness of having done something wrong. b. Self-reproach for supposed inadequacy or wrongdoing.   Guilt!  Yes, that feeling that creeps more and more into everyday life as we assess the (questionable?) food choices that we are making.  Looking around at people in society, at restaurant portions, at everything and everyone really, it seems as though the relationship between people and food is becoming almost, well....toxic.   All of us have been there - your friend calls and invites you out to couples night where you put back a heavy meal, a couple glasses of wine, and then dessert.  With every bite that we take, the guilt comes with it.  At the end of the meal, when the smoke clears, the regret sets in.  Uuuugh, why did I do what I just did??  Instead of talking about times when it might or might not be ok to cheat, I urge everyone to remove that dirty word from their vocabulary where food is concerned.      Cheat verb verb: cheat; 3rd person present: cheats; past tense: cheated; past participle: cheated; gerund or present participle: cheating 1.1. 
act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination. “she always cheats at cards"
 ▪                     deceive or trick. “he had cheated her out of everything she had" noun: cheat; plural noun: cheats
  1. 1.    
a person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.
      Relationships with food are becoming unhealthy .  The truth is we should all make a conscious effort to eat healthy whole foods that will fuel our bodies and our brain. Our bodies are our only vessels, so we must go to lengths to honor, respect, and nurture them.  From time to time we will eat the odd unhealthy snack, but attaching a feeling of guilt to that behavior just does not help anything.  What matters is the change in your approach to eating.  Tell yourself that you will seriously commit to providing food that will fuel your body the way that it needs to be fueled.  Understanding and being in touch with your commitment to healthy eating means that those odd slip ups become non-events (after all, no one is perfect, right?).  Move on from the incident, drink a lot of water, and get right back on that healthy track. To clarify: You are not getting back to your diet (another counterproductive word), but simply staying within the rhythm of your healthy lifestyle.        Living with and bestowing your nutritional values  onto your children can be a challenge as well.   It is best to not expose them to your feelings of food related guilt.  As an alternative, encourage your children to make healthy dietary choices.  Teach them to eat well, eat greens, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats!  Sure this may sound easier said than done, but with the internet, there are a ton of resources that will also assist you in not only delivering this message to your children, but if the need arises, to hide some of these healthy ingredients inside the meals that you create for them.  This is a great way to show, and not tell your children that eating healthy does not need to 'taste healthy'.    In taking this approach, you can focus on enjoying the social time that you have with friends and family, instead of dreading it Just ENJOY! Be present in that moment, be GUILT FREE!  As I write this to you, I am speaking to myself as well. I want to encourage men, women and children that your relationship with food should be a healthy one. Food is our fuel and being healthy feels good. Cheating and guilt are not positive feelings and we should strive to disassociate them with food.   So start off slow. Lets all make a conscious effort to have a healthy relationship with food and to teach those around us to do the same,  children especially. Also BE PRESENT in the moment. It is so important. Thanks for reading xo     Repeat after me  : I am beautiful       I am Worthy          I am confident    I Believe in myself       Tania Antonio xoxo

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