Elle Macpherson On How Growing Older Affected Her Supermodel Confidence

Elle Macpherson has been considered the ultimate beauty for decades. But even ultimate beauties age. Macpherson has admitted that, just like many of us, growing older has had an impact on her self confidence. "It's one thing being 20 an gorgeous with legs up to your armpits and beautiful tight skin... and it's another to be 51," she said during an interview with Sunrise. "Finally you get to this stage and you say 'I've been known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world,' and felt really not confident and sure of myself. As I've matured, I've realized that it doesn't really matter what I look like. The most important thing is how do I feel?" She goes on to say, "When I started sleeping more and relaxing a bit more in my life and looking after my nutrition... good nutrition can change everything. I hadn't really understood how deprived my body was." When Sam Armytage, the Sunrise host, asked Macpherson if she ever gives in to temptation and eats high calorie treats, she replies, "I don't think it's naughty, so yes I do. I have a sweet tooth." Sounds about right to me. Don't worry about how you look, worry more about how you feel. It is pretty much a guarantee that if you feel good, you'll look good too. What do you think?

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