Ellen Page’s Inspirational Time to Thrive Talk

Twitter and facebook are all abuzz with the news of Ellen Page coming out in a speech she gave at the inaugural Time to Thrive conference, put on by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign). ellen_page_timetothrive If you haven’t already watched the speech, it’s a bit of a longer video, but I wholeheartedly suggest watching until the end, your tear ducts will agree.   There’s been mixed responses to her coming out, some of them ridiculously awful: Awful twitter responses to EP BUT, there’s been a lot of really great responses as well, a lot of love and support for her coming out speech, which I am really happy to see. Awesome twitter EP2 Awesome twitter EP   Lesbian issue aside, I think her eloquence alone is an excellent reason to watch and rewatch the video, it’s not just her coming out speech, it’s also a beautiful comment on society, a plea for change, and a thank you for the people who are making a difference. In any case, it was waaaaay better than Jodie Foster’s kinda/sorta/maybe coming out speech at the golden globes.

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