Embrace The Bump

My fitness during this pregnancy has not even been close to what it was for the year before : the first 4 months I only saw the back of my eyelids and had a non existent energy ! Diet was off ! Many food aversions ! So I only got back into it during second trimester ! I listened to my body and went when I felt good ! Many days it was just weights ! And a lot lighter ! Barley any cardio because I cramp up a lot while doing it ! I can barely get my flex on ! But I am doing what I can with where I am! I did an at home work out today which I share at the end of this .I work out in a sports bra and shorty shorts infront of the mirror , Your body changes big time when your pregnant ! But you need to embrace it .You accumulate some extra body fat in places that maybe you are not used to having it ! But you can judge yourself and be depressed about the changes or you can embrace them and understand that your growing and nurturing a life inside you ! Every time she kicks it's the best reminder in the world ! And my absolute favourite part about being pregnant ! Our bodies are miraculous and it's amazing what they can do ! Do I miss being a little leaner and seeing my quad muscles ?yes !a little. I will be honest ! But I refuse to let that consume me while this amazing blessing is Happening ! Is it frustrating that some days I can't even push myself for a work out ! Yes but my body is pretty good at telling me and if I don't have the energy and strength then I rest ! God knows I won't have much sleep in the next few months lol ! Keeping a positive mind pregnant or NOT on your body image and where you are is VERY important ! Picking on Yourself and judging yourself does not get you anywhere it's a total waste of energy ! No matter where you are in your journey - just do your best to be your best self and stay positive ! I am brand new to this whole journey and I feel very blessed ! I'm growing fast and she is the beautiful reason !

Have 30 minutes and some stretch bands :

3 x 10 leg circles 3x10 kick backs (on all fours)

5x10 squats (ballerina style toes out ass to grass into tricep push backs (fold bands for more resistance ) 3x15 bicep curls 3x10 shoulder raises leg raises laying on side 3x10 each side

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