Embracing The #MomBod Movement

The #mombod movement is going viral and its a beautiful thing. Women across the country are embracing their bodies through social media networks such as Instagram. Mom's of all shapes and sizes are making headway as they post no filter pictures of their post-baby bodies filled with stretch marks, lumps, bumps and all its glory.

"I think it's great that #dadbod is becoming socially acceptable but now it's time to make #mombod socially acceptable and embraced by all!" wrote one Instagram user.

Many say its great to be supportive of women who are working hard to get fit after having kids. The emphasis shouldn't be on weight loss, rather embracing your new and improved body.

@candykjo adds: "It is an incredible honour to have a mom bod :) Two years and 8 months after giving birth to twins. This is my mom bod."

The #mombod movement is a replicable of the #dadbod movement and is rejuvenating the way women feel about their bodies. Instagram is becoming a major hit. Women are exploiting their bodies in a natural, beautiful way.

"So everyone's been doing the #dadbod thing," wrote @tiffohm1130831. "Then I heard that #mombod is now a thing too. Well, here's #mombod.... This body carried and birthed 2 children. It's not society's perfect bod but it's mine and it is pretty amazing what this "bod" has done. Embrace the #mombod all my beautiful mom's out there."

How does the #mombod movement make you feel?

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