Enjoy Your Meals Out Even More

Cornell University recently did a study on what makes a dining-out experience enjoyable, and--not surprisingly--price had a lot to do with it! People who ate an $8 meal said they enjoyed it far more than a $4 meal that was exactly the same. It's all about perception and the way you feel while eating. If you want to enjoy your meals out more, here are some tips to help you: Go Low Cal -- There's nothing that can ruin a meal out faster than a guilty conscience, so don't let your diet slip just because it's a special occasion. Try Organic -­- Whether or not organic food ACTUALLY tastes better is just a matter of opinion, but you'll definitely feel cleaner when you eat all-natural. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="614"] Source: loseweightwithdiabetes.com[/caption] Find Quiet -- A noisy meal is far from enjoyable, even in the fanciest restaurants. Find a quiet table to sit and eat in peace, and your dinners out will be so much more pleasant. Look for Fancy -- Remember, it's all about appearances. Plates with the fancy garnishes and decorative drizzles of sauce seem to taste better than simple plates. Ogle for Free -- Even if you're not going to eat a dessert, you can still enjoy the "food porn" at the table next to you. Lusting after a tasty dish actually increases your enjoyment of your own meal.  
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