jeans pauljeandepot Its that time again when people start taking toll of the year left behind and make promises for the one ahead.  Did we accomplish all we set out at the start? Did we tick off all of our "Enoughs"? Rich enough? Skinny enough? Strong enough? Aware enough? Good enough? Woman enough? Man enough? ENOUGH OF ENOUGH! The truth is, we are all ENOUGH right now, we just need to BELIEVE enough in ourselves to know that there is nothing behind us or ahead of us that we cannot handle.  Although self- reflection is important, and I encourage it, self- depreciation is not! So I invite you today to look at yourself in the mirror when you are done reading this post, and tell yourself how AMAZING you are at this present moment.  I am excited to see more of you all in the new year and help you on your path; in the kitchen, gym and of course in your soul.   Are you ready to Hiit Rita's new challenge? Click the image below to Hiit It! 52b4885d84c49f5edc5c5ad3     xo Rita

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