Ernestine Sheppard: Inspiring Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Age is just a number, and you are able to experience fitness. Those are a few of the wise words from Earnestine Sheppard, whom is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. Ernestine was born in June of 1936, which makes her a radiant 79 years old this year. The inspiring bodybuilder wasn’t always dedicated to her fitness level her whole life. However, that is part of her message she would like to share – you can literally start at any age. Ernestine Sheppard Ernestine Sheppard eats right and exercises every day. She enjoys spending her extra time trying to inspire others. She does this by teaching group classes to women and men of all ages. Check out Prevention magazine’s emotional video to get first-hand insight on the full story of what it’s like in this inspiring woman’s life. Source: Pop Sugar  

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