The Most Erotic Touch For Every Spot On Your Body

Ready for some good news? A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has just revealed which parts of your body are the most sensitive to different types of touch. The researchers found 30 women and assessed the sensitivity of three areas of their bodies: the primary genital zone (clitoris, labia minora, vaginal margin, and anal margin), secondary sexual zone (lateral breast area, areola, neck, and nipple), and neutral zone (forearm and abdomen). They used devices to simulate three different senses (light touch, pressure, and vibration). The different spots tested were more sensitive to different types of touch. When it comes to light touch, the neck, forearm and vaginal margin were the most sensitive. When pressure was applied to all body parts, the most sensitive parts were the clitoris and the nipple. They were also the most sensitive when it came to vibration. They did find something interesting about vibration, though. It appears that overall, the secondary sexual zone was most sensitive to vibration when compared to the other zones. Think of the fun you can have with your vibrator now! This opens a bunch of new options for foreplay! Like the kind you can do in public! Light touches on the arm and neck and your motor might be running before you even get home! Of course, the sample size for this survey was rather small so feel free to experiment and explore your body to find out what gives you tingles. Why not start tonight?

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