Essentials for a Fall Wardrobe

Oh has to be my favorite time of year and that mostly has to do with the layering of clothing.  So here's my list of the top 10 items for fall. 1. Sweaters: probably the staple of most fall outfits.  I love the soft look of a cable knit sweater and for these they can be both loose and form fitting.  Loose sweaters look best with skinny jeans for a balanced look.  Try a plaid shirt under a form fitting sweater.  Cardigans also fit under this category and are amazing as a layering piece. 2.  Boots:  I love boots.  I have three pairs that I wear constantly in the winter.  Brown, black, and brown booties.  Boots are fantastic this time of year.  They can go with about anything; skirts, dresses, pants...oh boots.  Though I wear riding style boots a heeled one is also a great addition to a wardrobe.  Although if you are short on funds-opt for a flat heel.  You'll thank me later. 3.  Scarves:  I'm talking cashmere, a nice wool tartan, anything with color.  Scarves are meant to be accessories and accessories have to talk.  To complete the outfit.  I have a red cashmere scarf that I absolutely adore and wear so often.  Although if I'm wearing something that's very basic I'll dress it up with my tartan scarf-also its wool so the extra warmth is wonderful. 4.  Skinny jeans:  They tuck into boots!  Need I say more?  Oh and they look great with ballerina flats.  I wear mine so often...the trick is to get a darker wash and then only hang dry so that the color doesn't fade. 5. Ballerina Flats: These are such timeless shoes and transition amazingly from season to season.  Except for when it's snowing...then you'll want to pull out your boots.  Want to splurge on a great flat?  London favorites are the Pirouette and Henrietta.  Opt for neutral colors that go well with anything, start off with black and then add in a grey then maybe a red. 6. Pea Coat: Turns out it's cold in Colorado (shocker) and with my husband's work we go to a lot of events which calls for something other than my winter coat I wear snowboarding.  This is when a nice black wool pea coat comes in handy.  You'll want to buy a lint roller though since some scarves can leave traces on the coat.  What's great about pea coats is that they can be worn with almost anything so if you are going for cost effectiveness this is it. 7. Trench Coat:  Fall is kind of like us women...some days it really can't decide whether it's supposed to be warm or cold...blah blah blah.  That's where the trench comes in handy.  Its also incredibly versatile, another plus.  I picked up a Michael Kors trench coat at TJ Maxx for a rather reasonable price and it's also water resistant which always helps.  Gap always has a great selection of trenches. 8. Black blazer:  Fall is really about layering, hence all the coats and sweaters in this list.  A warm black blazer is both practical and fashionable.  It can be worn with a sweater, plain tee, plaid shirt and then topped off with a scarf.  One of mine has a great (discreet) brocade pattern that gives it just a little visual interest. 9. Long Sleeve Tee's:  I wear these all the favorite are Target's.  They are cheap (yay!) and fit really well.  And they layer incredibly well...again with the layering...I know.  What you want to pick up are a couple white, a black, and a grey.  Usually these shirts form the base of an outfit so you really don't need a ton of crazy colors.  Get a beige if you really need to branch out. 10. Skirts and tights:  One of my favorite fall dress-up outfits is a houndstooth wool skirt with a long sleeve lace shirt and black tights.  Add on a red belt and it's amazing.  Skirts and tights are great for fall especially when you get a little tired of the constant jeans and boots outfits.  Opt for something warmer, like wool, and then add on a warm pair of tights. So, there's my list, does anyone else have anything to add on?  Love to hear your thoughts.  

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