Like Eva Longoria's Body? We've Got Her Fitness Secrets!

40-year-old Eva Longoria can often be found turning heads with her fit, toned, body. Longoria has more than proved what we've known all along -- turning 40 doesn't have to be a fitness disaster! Although often captured having fun in the sun and playing on the beach, Longoria works for that body. What is it that works for her specifically? Well, she credits a low-sugar, low-carb diet and an exercise routine monitored by a personal trainer. While this party weekend was an obvious exception, Longoria prefers to eat and cook her meals at home using fresh organic foods. She says this helps her to avoid overeating high-calorie treats. A typical day at home looks a little something like this: Breakfast: egg whites and fruit or sugar-free cereal and fresh berries. Lunch: grilled chicken breasts with spinach and avocado topped with olive oil vinaigrette. Dinner: chicken and brown rice or salmon and grilled asparagus. Snacks: nuts, cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, cucumber slices, bananas, apples or celery spread with nut butter, are just a few of the options she chooses from at snack time. When she's working on set, her diet is harder to maintain so Longoria calls on a food delivery service. While this may not be a financially feasible option for you, it is a great way to make sure you can eat right. Having a full day's worth of prepared, balanced meals and snacks takes all the  guess work and excuses out of eating. Of course, diet is a huge part of maintaining a trim looking body but it isn't the only part. Longoria works out hard too! [bctt tweet="Eva Longoria Shows Off Bikini Bod In Miami! We've Got Her Fitness Secrets!"] Mainly, she works out in the mornings. On every day, except Wednesday, she starts by elevating her heart rate with some aerobic activity. She then moves on to fast-paced, circuit training for the rest of the workout. Typically, she does some intense cardio activity like running for 5-10 minutes before focusing on her legs, arms, abs, chest or back. For those targeted muscle groups, she does 15 repetitions of each exercise and then cycles through 2 more times. Wednesday is fun day. Longoria uses it to experiment with other activities like yoga or kickboxing. Surely, playing in the sand counts as a workout! Find a workout routine that works for you with Sweatflix℠! This streaming service gives you access to over 140 hours of workouts to suit all fitness levels and interests. Best part, you get your favorite BodyRock workouts any time and any place you want! With new and exclusive content added all the time, you'll never be bored! Check it out! What do you think? Can you find your way to adopting a dedicated routine like Longoria's? Source: Daily Mail, Live Strong

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