Even Cindy Crawford Has FAT Days

Cindy Crawford is widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women and her long and auspicious career as a model hasn’t seen her beauty fade.

While Cindy Crawford seems to be one of the most down-to-earth supermodels - at least as far as we can gleam from the media - it’s still no surprise (to us, at least) that Crawford suffers from many of the same insecurities as most people. In fact, judging by the extreme and dangerous dieting trends undertaken by supermodels, and the pressures of the highly competitive industry, it seems like supermodels are more susceptible to body image issues than most of us.

Despite these pressures, Crawford seems to have kept her head on pretty straight. In a recent interview with The Edit, the 47 year old mother of two says that, “I’m a normal woman, sometimes I feel pretty good and some days I’m like, oh my God, nothing fits.”

She continues to say that she’d really like to come to terms with her body by the time she is 50 - but this won’t include losing weight. “For me, being five pounds lighter, what it would cost me…I don’t want to be like, oh no, no salad dressing, no wine, no fun.”

No doubt, Cindy! It’s refreshing to see more realistic and positive celebrity role models. Next time we’re trying to squeeze into our skinny jeans, we’ll think of Cindy Crawford, and try not to feel so bad.

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