Is It Ever Okay to Pop A Blister? We Ask the Experts

You just came in from an intense workout and you're stricken by the pain of a blister. You bandage it up and wait for a while before the day comes when you just can't take it anymore, and pop it. Is this truly the method to treating these little monsters? What's the proper course of action? We investigate: Experts say that popping a blister is acceptable. If it has reached a point where it is too painful, then releasing that pressure is the way to go. However, there are some precautions to take when popping. Make Sure It's a Blister  It could be a lesion or a wart, so take a close look. If it's filled with fluid and not too firm to the touch, it is a blister. If it's firmer and hurts to touch, it could be a wart or another type of lesion which requires a doctors inspection. Keep It Sterile  Make sure the area around the skin is clean and your popping tool of chose is completely sterile. This will prevent any sort of infection. A needle or pin can be sterilized in rubbing alcohol or by holding the tip over a flame for about 2 seconds. After, you have punctured the blister and drained the fluid, dab rubbing alcohol over the skin for extra precaution. This may sting. Preventing Blisters To prevent pesky blisters from forming, ensure your footwear is the proper fit. Blisters are caused by shoes rubbing against the skin, primarily in the toe area. Picking good workout shoes in vital to preventing blister formation. Got any blister popping or prevention tips that work for you? Let us know!        

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