Ever Wonder What Goosebumps Actually Are? Here Is Your Answer

"That just gave me goosebumps" is a saying we often hear and say. But whether you're cold, or emotional, have you ever looked at the tiny bumps that cover your body in record time and wondered what they actually are, and what is actually causing them? Goosebumps are triggered by piloerection, which is a reflex that makes the minuscule muscles at the base of each one of your hairs to contract. This contraction causes those tiny hairs to stand up, resulting in small bumps to emerge all over your skin. The resemblance to a just-plucked goose is uncanny. Ever seen your cat's hair stand on end, or the quills of a porcupine stand up? Goosebumps are also a physical sign of fear, and when you see animals presenting themselves this way, they're simply trying to defend themselves by looking as scary to the source as possible. Likewise, our hairs stand up as a result of this fear, but the jury is still out as to whether or not we look fierce when doing this. [bctt tweet="Ever Wonder What Goosebumps Actually Are? Here Is Your Answer"] And when something strikes us emotionally, sometimes we blush, turn pale, get butterflies in our stomach, or even get goosebumps. This is brought on by the limbic system of the brain, and is triggered by a psychological prompt. Do you feel like you're always getting goosebumps and wondering what the science is behind them? Well, now you know! Source: Shape  

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