Have You Ever Wondered What Your Ideal Self Looks Like?

Photographer Scott Chasserot tried to solve the "ideal self" question with his project "Original Ideal." He sought to explore how we translate what we view as a beautiful face into what we see each day in the mirror. Chasserot had his subjects pose for a typical head shot. He then altered the photos. He altered some photos based on "scientifically established canons of beauty" and others were outside this box. He showed the subjects all the variations while they were wearing a headset that detected and recorded brainwaves. He then selected the photo that got the strongest positive emotional response. He considers the subject's brain choice to be their ideal self. Here are some of the photos. The ones on the left are the natural head shots, the ones on the right are the ideal self shots: What a revealing project. Wow. What are your thoughts? Source: RYOT  

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