Every Girl Should Know These 10 Things About Her Clitoris

You may think you know your body, but chances are, if you were asked the nitty gritty questions about every intricate nook and cranny, you might be left feeling a little defeated. It's OK to admit that, every day, we continue to learn a little more about our bodies, yet, the millions of questions never seem to dissipate. And when it comes to our sexual organs, there's just never a moment to close the door, and let it all rest, because who wouldn't want to gain a deeper knowledge of that which provides us with so many things? The clitoris, which is the Greek word for "key," is a pretty fascinating piece of the puzzle known as the vagina. And, it really IS the key ... the key that unlocks your sexual pleasure center. Ready to dig in? Let's go!

1. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the body.

While a penis comes complete with 4000 sensory nerve endings, the clitoris has over 8000!

2. It's kind of like a penis.

Babies begin with similar genital tissues, and after 3 months, they develop either a penis or a labia. The clitoris also sort of looks like a penis, since it has glans, foreskin and a shaft! And just like a penis, blood rushes to the area, making it "hard."    

3. It has one purpose.

While other body parts have more than one purpose, like the breasts for nursing, the vagina for giving birth, the clitoris serves solely for sexual pleasure.

4. Studies have only recently given it the attention it deserves!

Crazily enough, it wasn't until the 1990s that the clitoris' full anatomy was discovered. At the forefront of exposing this awareness was Sophia Wallace, an American conceptual artist. Check out her work, "Cliteracy: 100 Natural Laws."  

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5. It continues to grow!

While it has nothing to do with your sexual activity, it does grow throughout your life. It actually starts when a girl hits puberty. By the 30s, it is four times larger. When it's near menopause, it's seven times larger. The change, however, is not obvious.

6. They come in different shapes.

While some are small and hidden, others are large and protruding. Some require more pressure, while others are fairly tender. Remember, there is no "ideal" size. You are your unique and perfectly you.  

7. It doesn't grow old.

Once the clitoris reaches its maturity, its pleasure potential stays at a constant. So, the orgasms you have in your 60s are much like the ones you had in your 20s.

8. You don't see the whole thing.

That's right. All the eye sees are the glans. But beneath the surface is a wishbone shape, including two legs that are three inches into the vagina, connecting the clitoris to the G-Spot. The part visible is the clitoral head and the hood.  

9. The clitoris is the key to orgasmic bliss.

It's been found that 75 percent of women require clitoral stimulation to reach climax. And the distance between the vagina and the clitoris is important too, as the shorter the distance, the more intense the orgasm. As you reach climax, it swells in size, becoming extremely sensitive.

10. If you stop using it, you might lose it!

If you don't use your clitoris, then the hood closes in, since it requires blood flow to stay up to speed.   Were you aware of all of these facts about the clitoris? Source: Popxo

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