EVERYTHING is Wrong with this Weight Loss Story

Recently  The Chive wrote a piece that featured stories of "amazing" weight loss and included photos of these dramatic transformations. Was everything The Chive represented completely accurate? Of course it wasn't. One of the sets of before and after shots (seen above) belonged to Anne Marie Sengillo. BuzzFeed Life spoke to Sengillo and revealed that the photos were taken from Reddit without her consent. The real kicker, the photo on the right, the one positioned to be the amazing after shot, was taken while Sengillo was in the grips of an eating disorder. She had originally posted the photos to Reddit in an effort to explain that backsliding can happen in recovery. After Sengillo contacted The Chive, the photos were removed. "My transformation from 150 pounds to 70 and then 90 pounds is not something I want anyone to see and think, ‘Wow! I want to look like her!’" she told BuzzFeed Life. Think this is an unusual story? Think again. This is not the first time photos have been used without permission to misrepresent a weight loss. Fitness blogger Roni Noone completely changed her lifestyle and lost 70 pounds. Her before and after photos were stolen by a diet pill company and used to sell their product. This not the only time this has happened. Weight loss supplement companies have been known to take photos of 'real' weight loss (the kind achieved through months of work and a complete life overhaul) and attribute it to their products. Disgusting. Please, use this latest incident as a reminder that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And more importantly, use this as a reminder that healthy isn't necessarily 'thin.' Being healthy shouldn't be about looking smaller, although that can be a wonderful side effect. We live in such a thin obsessed world, so much so that photos of a woman at a very unhealthy weight were held up as an achievable goal. Use a critical eye when looking at any of these claims but most importantly, know what is possible for your own body and frame. Not everyone can be skinny AND healthy. Know you're limits. Love those limits. h/t: Women's Health

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