Everything You Need To Know About The Clean Eating Movement

The internet world really loves the word 'movement'. Selfies have become movements. Using a hashtag can make you a part of a movement. Clean eating is among the 2015 movements, but it is a more complex and impactful than it sounds. The idea behind clean eating goes back to Einstein's Unified Field Theory - the concept that everything is connected. Eating clean is a way to get back to basics, strip down our food and reconnect with how it goes from farm to plate. The principles of clean eating are simple, but since we have been raised in a fast food, preservative rich, processed society - it can be tricky to embrace. Clean foods are ones close to nature, that don't have a heavy impact on environmental pollution or animal cruelty. Being clean about eating food in it's whole form, and not manufacturing it. Clean diets have a particular focus on nutrient-dense produce like spinach, kale, avocados and berries. A clean diet done right creates a perfect balance between our natural world and our bodies. It has been hailed as the best way to eat eco-friendly. On a planet that will see a population of 10 billion by 2050, learning ecological routes of eating is highly responsible. “As a population, if a large number of people make even small moves to eat less meat and more plant-based foods, the livestock industry will shrink. Over time, farmers will find other crops to support their livelihoods. Through such collective awakening we can make a difference in our world.” says Thích Nhất Hạnh, inspirational Vietnamese buddhist. What are your thoughts? Do you practice a clean, eco-diet? Source: Mind Body Green  

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